Friday 28 February 2020
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Building a Career in Digital Security

Building a Career in Digital Security

The idea of working in security ten or fifteen years ago meant that you were focused on physical security. But now there is a whole different type of security that is important to businesses and governments around the world – cyber security. And if you are someone who is interested in digital security, you may be thinking that it could be a career for you. Here is our guide on how you can build your career in digital security.

Job Opportunities

One of the key reasons why you may want to consider such a career is because of the opportunities that will be available to you. There are some prestigious careers where the job market is only getting smaller. The demand is not what it was in the past. And that can be a major issue.

But it is the opposite with cyber security. Firms are only getting more in tune to what they need to protect their digital presence. And that means more of these jobs will be opening up in the next three to five years.

Simpler Education Path

The problem with many careers is that if you suddenly decide that you want to go into that field, you have to do many years of specialized schooling. It is not necessarily the case with cyber security. While you should have graduated from college, you can take specific courses if you want to get knowledge that will help you gain a particular job.

And what that does is make the field a lot more accessible. Instead of having to spend a long time getting the education that you need, you will able to prove that you are qualified for a job in a much shorter time frame.

Certification Tests

The key method of getting jobs related to cyber security is by getting certifications. For instance, the GIAC – Certified Intrusion Analyst exam is one that can help a lot of people when they want to break into the field.

It is a test that focuses on how to monitor the intrusion to various systems, along with analyzing network traffic to see if there are any irregularities. By passing the GCIA examination, you can prove in interviews that you are someone who can do the job that is being offered.

And the best part about certification tests is that you can usually find past GCIA exam questions online. There are exam dump websites, such as CertLibrary, where you have to pay a small fee to access real and verified GCIA exam questions to help you prepare for the test itself.

There is no doubt that a job in cyber security will set you up for a long time. Entering the field will give you the experience that you need to get even better jobs in the future. And right now seems like the ideal time to enter the field, as more jobs are opening up every month.

Companies are taking cyber security seriously. And that means you will have no trouble finding a job managing a company’s digital security operation, provided you have the proper qualifications.